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Traditional life insurance policies typically carry a substantial amount of review and underwriting process. For a standard policy, it would be expected that the insurance carrier requests a copy of medical records, that the applicant complete a paramed examination, and in some cases a detailed screening.

With simplified issue policies the underwriting process has been simplified and helps to expedite the process of getting the policy issued, as well as, the additional steps needed to be taken by the applicant. Most carriers no longer require a detailed medical screening or a paramed examination for their simplified issue products, also known as Non Med.

For the applicant, this means that the underwriting time can be reduced by as much as 90% and acceptance from the carrier can be in as little as 3 days. This option is available for many policy types, including but not limited to, guaranteed acceptance and final expense whole life insurance.

Consumers can now view their options, including payment plans, with no personal data, sales contacts, text, emails, or calls, simply by requesting a quote online. If interested there is an option to proceed to applying directly to the insurance carrier that best meets their needs.