? How Long Does it Take to Get a Quote?

You are able to get a quote within 5 minutes. Start by selecting the amount of coverage that you would like then answer some basic health questions to get your rate.

? Will My Contact Information be Shared?

Contact information or personal data is required to request a quote but is sent by you to the insurance carrier directly. We do not share your information.

? Can I choose a plan based on my budget?

Absolutely. Once you request a quote you will see the rates based upon the information that you provided. In addition, you can see other offers of coverage, both higher and lower.

? How Do I Apply for Coverage?

If you find a plan that meets your needs and would like to apply, please simply click the Apply Now button. You can complete the application through the carriers website.

? How Long Does it Take for a Policy to be Issued?

Many of the options that we provide are offered on a simplified issue or guaranteed acceptance basis. Confirmation of acceptance can be completed in as little as 1-3 business days.

? Do I Have to Get an Exam to Get a Policy?

No. There are no medical exams for simplified issues policies.

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