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Getting a life insurance policy with pre existing conditions is close to impossible, but not completely impossible. There are options available regardless of any medical condition, pre existing illness, or disease.

Although it may sound too good to be true, it isn’t. The insurance companies do have a way to manage the risk to ensure that they remain able to offer coverage on a sliding scale based on the risk. It is common for these carriers to do so by offering two options of coverage.

The first is level benefit. This means the full face value of the policy is available immediately upon issuance of the policy. If there were a claim against the policy shortly after being issued, regardless of the timeline, the full limit of coverage would be available to the beneficiary.

For the highest risk consumers, it is common for insurance carriers offer a graded benefit. The death benefit gradually increases over time, ultimately reaching the full death benefit. It is common that within the first few years of the policy the insurance company would offer a graded benefit for death, other than by accident, and the full death benefit would be available after the stated time frame.